Sound Bath 

A deep one hour journey incorporating sound instruments– simply lie down or take a seated position and listen to the sounds and vibrations that arise from the unique and all encompassing sounds. (Suitable for all students)

Breath & Nidra Journey 

Incorporates a guided relaxation inspired by Yoga Nidra, or “Yogic Sleep”. In which we journey deeply inwards to a lightly altered state between sleep, dreams and waking. Lay back, be guided, and recieve. Emerge feeling reset, refreshed and renewed with vitality, creativity and aligned with your deepest intentions. All levels encouraged. (Suitable for all students)

Yin / Meditation 

Slow and typically low to the ground – holding poses for several minutes allowing time for students to unwind, reset and heal through slow juicy movements. Please feel free to incorporate any unique practice to your yin / meditation classes e.g. crystal bowls, sounds or beautiful quotes. (Suitable for all students) 




An invitation to find a deep sense of reset and comfort. Aided by an abundance or props, this practice gives the student full permission to soften and be supported. While restorative is very like Yin, the difference is restorative is not designed to generate any stress in the body. The intention is to find shape in which the student can shift into their “rest and digest” mode. Idea for anyone whose energy needs to be deeply restored. (Suitable for all students)


A beautiful slow, calm and focussed introspection, deep connected sense of stillness and consciousness. A resolution to elevate stress and anxiety of daily life. (Suitable for all students)

Mellow Flow 

These slow paced classes allow space for cultivating awareness, for relaxation, restoration and deep opening. Our Mellow Flow is a combination of gentle movement, Yin and restorative inspired postures which are typically seated or lying down. Mellow Flow is ideal for students requiring a calming and restorative environment or for students new to the yoga experience. (Suitable for all students)


Awakening Flow

Our Awakening Flow moves at a nurturing and comfortable pace, allowing you time to awaken and engage with all your senses. Settle into juicy shapes, moving through slow transitions, encouraging you to explore the nourishment and benefit of each pose while engaging breath. Leave feeling more present with your senses and aligned with your intentions. (Suitable for all levels)

Sunrise Yoga

The morning is considered as a “divine time” and when an individual’s spiritual energy is at its peak. Sunrise yoga brings your body more energy and nourishes you with a positive attitude to fully prepare for the challenges of the day ahead. (Intermediate – Advanced)

Slow Flow

A slow moving practice, we encourage to take at your own pace. We focus on a mix of movement and mindfulness, a balanced offering of effort and ease. You will be guided through sequences that allow moments of challenge and opportunities for rest and restoration. Breathwork and philosophy are woven into each. (Suitable for all students)

Free Flow 

Free Flow is where you are led with serene direction into a creative sequence of yoga poses that are graceful and fluid, where one yoga pose weaves into the next like a rhythmic dance in synchronicity with your breath. The class is both calming and challenging, sweet and dreamy. (Suitable for all students)

Power Flow

A dynamic practice leading you through a series of postures that balance strength and flexibility consistently linking breath throughout – an advanced flow to challenge physical power and mental resilience. (Intermediate – Advanced)

Private Experiences

View more information on the Hut’s private experiences.

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